About Us

Bobby Williams is the CEO & Founder of Bikky One Serve Instant Cookie maker. Bobby has been in the heating and air conditioning business for over 35 years, he began thinking about other ways to make his life more interesting. About 4 years ago, after a delicious meal at home, he thought it would be great to have one or two hot, fresh, right out-of-the-oven cookies. Add a little ice cream on top, and that would be the perfect end to the evening or afternoon work breaks with your One Cup Serve Coffee Maker. Bobby had just spent a couple hours in the kitchen, and he did not feel like heating up the oven, and then waiting another 20 minutes on a batch of cookies. “Wouldn’t it be nice”, he thought, “if I had a device that could make just one hot delicious cookie in a few minutes”? So, over the next few days and weeks he began designing just such a product. Bobby then came up with the Brand Name Bikky since Bikkies are a British Slang for a Biscuit or known in America as a Cookie. Bikky is now a reality, and its patented pending is selling! We are launching Bikky with ProductMentor in Nationwide Specialty Quality, Innovative Houseware Retailers in the USA. Bikky is great for Home Office breaks with a One Cup Coffee Maker, or for Kids after school with a glass of milk. Because you are only making one or two cookies, there are no stale leftovers, no temptation to eat more or need to freeze a dozen cookie to reheat later and not getting that FRESH BAKED TASTE.
If you would like more information on Bikky to become one of our Specialty Retailers see our WHOLESALE TAB on this website & please feel free to contact me at bikkybobby@getbikky.com.